Monday, February 4, 2013

Election time!

Something I've noticed lately, both on the forum, and the podcast, is that we seem to have our favorite scapegoat. The Podcast in particular, has its favorite whipping boy, so let's look at a few of the players who have drawn our ire lately:

Matt Cullen
We've been going after Cullen lately, primarily for being completely useless and doing his damnedest as an Antti Miettinen impersonator.
Why you should vote for him: Invisible, misses wide open nets, doesn't use his size
Then again: Wins faceoffs, veteran

Mikael Granlund
He gets knocked down a lot, can't hold on to his stick, and hasn't been scoring: 3 points in 8 games, and he makes Pierre-Marc Bouchard look like a big guy.
Why you should vote for him: Can't hold on to a stick, can't stay on his feet
Then again: Creative playmaker, loads of upside

Devin Setoguchi
No goals in 8 games, only 2 assists, and only 10 SOG. He's a guy you should notice, but we haven't seen him do, well, anything yet. He has the same number of points, fewer goals, and half as many shots on goal as third-liner Cal Clutterbuck
Why you should vote for him: Doesn't seem to know what his game is. Banger or scorer?
Then again: You can't vote for him if you don't know who he is

Kyle Brodziak
Coming off a career year and a new contract, he seems to be displaying signs of contractyearitis.
Why you should vote for him: Worst +/- of all forwards on the Wild
Then again: His job is to shutdown opposing top lines, not score goals

Cast your votes now!

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Nick in New York said...

You know my vote.

Hint: rhymes with 'sullen'.