Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PGS: Gm 18 Wild vs. CGY


It's very simple: need to finish. Chances are there, shots are there, skill is there....just need to finish. Defense is there, goaltending is there, coaching is....well that's a question, isn't it? I'm glad Yeo is trying new stuff, but the fact remains nothing is working. Read into that what you will.

They're healthier, although word is Aliu is day-to-day with a LBI. Kipper is still out, although that didn't really hurt them on Saturday against the Wild.

GP MIN 17 CGY 17
GF/GM MIN 29th 2.06 CGY T12th 2.82%
GA/GM MIN 9th 2.41 CGY 27th 3.29
PP% MIN 27th 13.8% CGY 8th 22.0%
PK% MIN 6th 84.9% CGY 27th 75.0%

Wild redeems itself at home, temporarily assuaging the frayed nerves of fans.
Final score: 4-2
Wild goal scorer: Konopka

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