Thursday, February 7, 2013

Post-Game Haiku Reax

Mason here. Nature, juxtaposition, and shitty hockey collide for my Post-Game Haiku Reax to the Vancouver Burrowses @ the Minnesota Team Edwards. Sticking to convention, for some reason poetry is always in italics. And cherry blossoms. Always cherry blossoms.

RE the top line split:

Fat and skinny guy
It's Nintendo's Ice Hockey:
Heatley and Cullen

RE end of the 1st period:

Fans booing the Wild
Fact: Russo hates Lapanta
Looming three-loss streak

RE effort:

Charlie Conway Coyle,
Jonas, and Zach Parise--
Ev'ryone else sucks.

RE reality sinking in:

Where the Wild things are?
Look beyond the cellar door
Spring cherry blossoms

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