Friday, April 19, 2013

(Almost) Daily Briefing 041913


3. VAN 55 4
4. LAK 55 4
5. SJS 55 4
6. STL 52 5
7. MIN 51 4
8. CBJ 49 3
9. DAL 47 5
10. DET 47 5
11. PHX 44 5

Key Games Tonight
Dallas @ St. Louis

The loss last night only hurt the Wild in that it knocked them into 7th place where a likely first round matchup with Anaheim waits. 6th (or 3rd, if they catch Vancouver) is far more desirable to the Wild, in terms of matchup, than 7th. So not only is St. Louis ahead of the Wild, but they hold the hammer in the form of the game-in-hand.

The Wild has a favorable schedule the rest of the way (3 home games, 1 road game, Calgary, Edmonton, Colorado are all lesser teams - on paper - than the Wild). But in a way it's good they got shellacked in the Sharks game; *if* they can parlay that into a kick in the pants instead of a dent in the confidence.

Sometimes you just lay an egg. And I think that's what happened last night against a very good Sharks team.

Now the Wild gets the coveted two days off before Sunday's "last game against the Flames as divisional opponents" showdown.

Maybe Oncle Craig will spring for hyperbaric chambers for Cullen, Suter and Backstrom.

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