Tuesday, April 23, 2013

(Almost) Daily Briefing 042313


What you need to know today.

4. LAK 57, 3
5. SJS 55, 3
6. STL 54, 3
7. MIN 51, 3
8. CBJ 51, 2
9. DET 50, 3
10. DAL 48, 3
11. PHX 46, 3

Fucking scoreboard hates us. The Red Wings rolled on the Coyotes last night and Chicago bent over for the Canucks which allowed them to clinch the division. 5-straight seasons worth of the underachieving anti-Christs winning the NW. Good riddance. Hopefully it makes it that much more painful to their fans when they don't win the Cup. Again.

Key games
Colorado @ St. Louis - We're pulling for the Avalanche. Hopefully the Avalanche aren't pulling the one-arm bandit in their heads and will show up.

Dallas @ San Jose - We can technically still catch San Jose, and Dallas isn't dead yet. So, which way do you go? I think the Wild just needs to get in at this point, and they'll likely lose to the Kings tonight. So that means we need San Jose to win.

Tonight's matchup
Not a lot to say. The Kings are good, and are playing well (6-2-2 in their last 10). We are struggling and sputtering and dragging our dick in the dirt. Going into the lat six games I projected this as a loss. I don't see any reason to change that outlook now.

And, if the Wild does lose tonight, the doom and gloom and rhetoric will be off the charts. Like, "turn off your computer and ignore Twitter" off the charts.

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