Wednesday, April 24, 2013

(Almost) Daily Briefing 042413


What you need to know today.

4. LAK 57, 2
5. SJS 57, 2
6. STL 56, 2
7. MIN 53, 2
8. CBJ 51, 2
9. DET 50, 3

The first thing you notice is that the list of teams is shrinking. The Stars and Coyotes can no longer catch the Wild. The Wild can still finish as high as 4th or as low 9th.

Key Games
Los Angeles @ Detroit - Going on the theory that you have to worry about punching your ticket first if you're the Wild, you want LA to win this game. That's the reason not to root for Dustin Brown to get suspended for his chicken wing on Pominville last night. At least not starting tonight.

San Jose @ Phoenix - The only thing that impacts the Wild in this game is distance between them and the Sharks. Phoenix can't hurt us anymore, other than letting the Sharks get too far ahead to catch.

In fact, if LA and SJS both win tonight, the Wild will know that they can't finish higher than 6th - which would earn them a date with the Canucks who are locked into 3rd.

Other Stuff
Last night's game was absolutely a bar-setter for the Wild. Now we KNOW they are capable of playing that way. The question is: do they have the leadership and the will to replicate that effort every night?

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