Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blackhawks at Wild game review

This was a frustrating game to watch if you're a Wild fan. And yet, there was hope. The Man With No Name once again gave me his thoughts.

The Good: The Wild stayed with the Blackhawks the whole game. There was only one brain fart (more on that later) and that spelled the game for the Wild. Bax was unbelievable, he was so good I had to check to see if he'd been pulled in his previous outing (he wasn't).
The Bad: The Wild once again allowed the opposition to control the play. In other games it was a bigger, more physical team that outplayed them. In this case it was a faster, better skating team.
The Ugly: Clayton Fucking Stoner once again coughed up the puck for a goal against, this time Marian Hossa won the lottery and that was the game. Tom Gilbert was a healthy scratch again, and I get what Yeo sees in Stoner to keep dressing him, but no way Gilberto, Brodin, Suter, Spurgeon (or probably Falk or Prosser for that matter) makes a pass as bad as that.
A few words more: Bottom line is that the Wild were outplayed, but all is not lost. The Hawks are clearly a better team, ahead in the standings for a reason, and the Wild didn't look out of place. They hung on, and a different play here or there and Bax would have stolen the game for the Wild. That's not such a bad place to be in.

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