Sunday, April 21, 2013

Minnesota Wild vs. Calgary Flames

What are "The Playoffs?" Everyone keeps talking about them... FSN even has an ad running that announces "Playoff Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow Morning!" I'm not sure what to do with this bit of information. Do they want money from me?

As for tonight... what the hell happened? 4-1? FOUR TO ONE against Calgary?! The Wild came out decent in the 1st period and then everything went to hell. This team plays down when faced with a team that isn't necessarily "strong." It was slow vs. slow tonight. The Wild didn't step up, didn't hustle, didn't pass well, made tons of sloppy plays and looked more annoyed than pumped up to be playing. I don't get it. The pieces are there... great players... but something just doesn't connect. Where's the problem? I can't figure it out. I'm at a total loss right now and can't even imagine seeing this team in the playoffs. Can we inject them with caffeine before games? Light a fire under their breezers? Literally?

Ok, off that rant. The last thing I would like to say tonight is in regards to Mike "Uh" Greenlay. I have created a drinking game which I invite you all to play. During Minnesota Wild games, you will listen for 2 main things that FSN announcer Mike Greenlay does to invoke anger. 1. He will "chuckle" at something he says that only HE thinks is funny. Take a drink. 2. Every time he says "uhhhh" you take a drink. Those two things will have you pretty drunk by the 2nd period. It's very important you do NOT start the Mike Greenlay Drinking Game until the 1st period has already started. Trust me on this one. 

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Nick in New York said...

Nice first post - and going right for the jugular! Strong; I like it!