Monday, April 15, 2013

Wild @ Flames Live (Sober) Blog with Harry Callahan

I'm joined tonight by Harry Callahan, who will comment on the Wild as they visit Calgary.

Who is this Hanowski punk? He looks like a damn hippie.

Koivu owes that Coyle kid a bottle of scotch. Good stuff, too. That kid is the reason the Wild scored. Nice to see him play more that fifteen seconds.

Backstrom made a good save there. I'm gonna call him Dirty Backy, because he's doing a lot of the dirty work in this game.

I don't know what evidence they had for that call.
Mike: Are you saying that was a bad call?
The stick didn't even hit that punk in the face. Hit his shoulder.

These guys are lucky to get out of the period with the lead. Once they scored they acted like they knew they were gonna be shooting blanks after that.

Who the hell is this Gorg clown? Ugly and stupid.

Careless penalty by Zucker. Wild must be feeling lucky by taking all these penalties.

Good zone control midway through the second.

That Wideman punk could use some education on politeness, driving Parise into the boards head first like that.

Pominville is really good. He proves you have to put the puck on net if you want to score goals. I'm glad he knows how to score on someone other than Bobrovski.

Bouchard didn't spin after crossing the blue line. Did I die and go to the afterlife?

Nice move by Koivu behind the net.

Commercial break: These fucking gerbils make me want to shoot a naked guy running in an alley in the middle of the night.

Bouchard shot the puck. Was there a dare involved?

Sloppy play led to that goal. Can't give those punks odd-man rushes like that.

I don't know what's gotten into Bouchard. Not spinning, shooting the puck, scoring goals?

How the hell does Pommer do that?

This third period is a lot more interesting than the first two.

The announcers are saying the Wild used to have tough luck playing in Calgary. I got one word about that: Iginla.

I like that Zucker is shooting the puck.

Hanowski may be a punk, but I can't feel bad about that goal he scored.

That late goal raises my blood pressure.

Now Harry is cleaning his gun. I'm going to leave him be. I'll wrap up by saying that the Wild continued to do all the little things, but they need to be careful and not let the other teams get pressure on the goalie or play spoiler. Good game overall.

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