Friday, August 16, 2013

Where's Dany?

If you saw Puck Daddy's feature on Wednesday about the Wild's NHL of Nations, you might be wondering where Dany Heatley is.

He's looking for the missing "n" in his first name.

While he's busy, let's look at the numbers. In a Wild uniform, Brunette and Heatley have the following numbers:

Brunette: 489 games, 119 goals, 202 assists, 321 points
Heatley: 118 games, 35 goals, 39 assists, 74 points

Brunette has scored at a 0.24 gpg clip, Heatley 0.30. Heatley is fifth best among Canadians, fourth best if you toss out Bill Muckalt's 5 goals in 8 games. Brunette ranks seventh (or sixth).

Brunette has helped out others to the tune of 0.41 assists per game, Heatley 0.33.

Brunette's point production sits at 0.66 ppg, Heatley 0.63.

In terms of raw talent, Heatley might be a better player, but in a Wild uniform, no Canadian player has better numbers - and impact - than Andrew Brunette. (Adieu, Monsieur Roy!)

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