Sunday, September 1, 2013

The El Nino and That Ginger Unveil Wild's New Road Whites

The jerseys have been officially unveiled--although yet again the Wild "accidentally" leaked the money shots late last night. 

And while this guy thinks they look great, speculation that the new jerseys will somehow aid in goal scoring remains unconfirmed. When asked about the subject at the unveiling, Stephane Veilleux muttered something in French Talk and gesticulated a challenge to just try and beat him at ping pong, bro. Just try it.

Furthermore, at first I was glad to see that The El Nino took part in the unveiling. It indicated that he wants to be involved with team stuff. But then I realized he was paired the flying ginger, which I hope doesn't indicate that team views him as Veilleux's equal. If so, we won't be seeing a lot from The El Nino this season. That would be bad.

We know the top guys will produce (assuming Pominville and Healtey return to form). So this season's success rests on the shoulders of our unproven, young guys (The El Nino along with Chaz Coyle, Grannie, and Jay-Z) being the edge we need to make the playoffs again--and not suck once we get there.

And for the record, no matter how great these new road whites look, Matt Cooke will still look like a doosh.

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Nick in New York said...

Those sweaters are sweet. They're worth at least 15 more goals during a full 82 games. Obviously.