Thursday, October 3, 2013

Opposition Intelligence

In another ongoing series this season, I want to look at how other teams are covered. I can't say how often we'll be doing this series, but we can kick it off with the Wild's season opener.

This is one of those days I wish my day job wasn't so, um... I'm going to shut up now. Let's just say I wish I'd had more time for research.

On the one hand, I'd expect more from a big, serious newspaper. On the other, this is about the level of coverage I'd expect from a big, serious paper that also covers the Ducks.

Compared to the quality and quantity from Michael Russo in the days leading up to the Wild season opener, I think the LA Times has a long way to go to consider itself on even footing in terms of NHL coverage with the Star Tribune.


Anonymous said...

As a Kings fan, you should know that the LA Times does not cover hockey unless the Kings are in the playoffs. Most of the season there is nothing more than a box score.

Mason said...

Case in point?