Monday, October 21, 2013

This *Is* The Mean


Wild fans are freaked out by the team's start and particularly with the way the recently-completed road trip went. As, is fans wont in such aggravated situations, the hue and cry for change - at every level of the organization - is reaching a fevered pitch.

Heck, my own blog posts have mirrored this - and the boys have certainly been frustrating to watch - even though they're playing better for more of the time than they ever have.

I'm not sold on the fancy maths. At least not yet. I think the good old fashioned maths suffice just fine. And here's what those old fashioned maths tell me about the Wild under Mike Yeo: they tend to start slow.

In Yeo's inaugural season, 2011-2012, through nine games the Wild's record was 3-3-3, and they had scored 20 goals. However, two of those goals were for winning shootouts. So, call it a soft 20, net 18.

Last season, they started out 4-4-1, netting a total of 21 goals, with only one coming from a shootout win, so soft 21, net 20.

This year, of course, we're 3-3-3, having amassed a hard 19 goals (no shootout wins).

How about defensively? Goals allowed through 9 games:

2011-2012: 23, net 22
2012-2013: 24, net 24
2013-2014: 22, net 20

So you see, the point of this little exercise is to show us (myself included) that this start - this vexing start - is just how Mike Yeo teams start, it would appear. Except that they ARE more fun to watch; ARE controlling play more comprehensively, and for longer, than ever before.

There is no mean to which to revert. This is it. May your blood pressure drop 15 points.

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