Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wild at Nashville Live Drunk Blog

The 6:40 20 minutes pre game. Not drunk yet.

6:41 Why do I have to see LaPanta right now?

6:45 God, now I'm looking Gorg.

6:50 10 minutes to go. Beer #1 Summit Summer Ale. (Shut your face, Mason, it was free beer)

7:10 I wish I could hear all the game action without having to hear Lapanta.

7:20 Konopka fighting? I'm shocked.

7:25 A Wild player draws a high sticking call? I am shocked.

7:22 Nashville fans are going to blow out an O-ring if they keep booing like that.

7:25 Weak call on Koivu

7:27 2-1 Predators. I'm glad I've got lots of beer on ice tonight.

7:28 Beer #2: Leinies Orange Shandy. Not a great beer, but,  free beer.

7:30 An obnoxious arena announcer is the hallmark of an organization that doesn't respect its own fans.

7:35 I have to say, if Bax allows another goal, I say go with Harding.

7:38 Well fuck me, that doesn't look good.

7:41 So I guess when you run a goalie you get a penalty shot now.

7:50 Two beers down. I need to pace myself.

7:55 Great control on the late shift by the Koivu - Parise - Pominville line.

8:00 I'm glad I put SwiftKey keyboard on this tablet. It knows how to spell "Laviolette" even if I'm too drunk to do it.

8:05 This live drunk blog is not sponsored by SwiftKey keyboard.

8:15 Beer #3 More free beer.

8:20 I swear I just heard the beginnings of a boo from Preds fans when Brodziak touched the puck, obviously confused over which Wild player had it. 21 is not 20.

8:22 Nino to Spurgeon. Two Isles castoffs connect for that one.

8:27 I never really saw Weber as an overly intelligent player.

8:35 Beer #4 Leinies Hoppin Helles

8:42 There's the pack of wolves mentality for you.

8:43 It takes a special kind of asshole to run both of the other team's goalies.

8:46 Fine. It takes a special kind of group of assholes..

8:55 Is it redundant to call Lapanta the worst game caller in the NHL?

8:57 My wife just reminded me that I said I'd do the dishes. I don't think she realizes how drunk I am.


9:20 Hold up. Scandella didn't fuck up the odd man rush?

9:23 This third period is either really boring or I'm really drunk.

9:26 Nice job by Pommer hounding Seth Jones to get the puck out of the zone.

9:32 Too much hockey on the right side of my TV, not enough on the left.

9:38 A fucking tiger on a desk of a banker. Either I'm on a hell of a bender or this is one fucked up commercial. Oh,  and beer #6 Leinies Oktoberfest.

9:43 Stoner did something good? I'm really fucking drunk or it's the apocalypse.

9:51 And that's game.  They should buy the refs a Hello Kitty cake for that win.

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Mason said...

Can we PLEASE go beer shopping? We have a rep here to maintain. (Mostly about the beer--not the hockey nor writing prowess.)