Monday, March 31, 2014

Stuff (and Stuff) 03/31/14


Things that are going on that caught my eye.

*Frozen Four field is set. Great looking match-ups. This season just didn't feel right without a Minnesota-NoDak battle on the sched, so, good that we get one afterall.

*Break up Gustav Nyquist! The kid is on fire, scoring at a 40+ goal pace. And, oh great, another late(r) round pick by the Red Wings who is turning out to be amazing. Other GMs should watch the Red Wings draft in the mid- and late-rounds like investment managers watch Warren Buffet.

*The Blackhawks have come up with a cagey way to get Kane and Toews some rest before the playoffs. Points for creativity, Stan!

*The Maple Leafs are absolutely imploding and I love it. But, evidence of just how thin the East is, they've lost 8-straight, and they're still only 2 points out of a wild card spot.

*Speaking of imploding, see: Canucks, Vancouver. And theirs is considerably more enjoyable than the Buds' implosion. Meanwhile, Vigneault has the Rangers in the playoffs right now...

*Vanek has 6-5-11 in the 12 games he's played with the Habs (.916 points/game). Moulson has 4-4-8 points in the 13 games he's played with the Wild (.615 points/game).

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