Monday, April 28, 2014

Not Much Game 6 History For Wild


The Wild has made it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs five times now, over their thirteen-season lifespan. Their all-time series record is 2-4. So, when looking for trends, or historical tidbits, or (okay) blog filler, there just isn't a whole hell of a lot to draw on. The Wild has only been swept in one of those series (Western Conference Finals, vs. Anaheim, 2003), but how have they done in game sixes?

The Wild been in three game sixes, all-time, and has amassed (using the word loosely, I know) a 2-1 record in those three games.

The first two were during the magical run in 2003. In the Western Conference Quarterfinals they dispatched Colorado (Richard Park) in game six at the X in thrilling 3-2 OT form, and put a pretty good hurting on Vancouver (Cloutier) in game six (5-1) of the Western Conference Semifinals.

Then, in 2008, they lost game six in Denver 2-1, as the Avs finished off the division champion Wild in the Western Conference Quarters.

The current team has.....absolutely nothing to do with that 2003 OR 2008 team, so this is truly an academic exercise. But it is also sort of interesting how much of the Wild's (meager) playoff history is tied to the Avs. They have a 1-1 all-time series record against Colorado. That comeback series win in 2003, given the perceived disparity between the two rosters, and ending Roy's career, is one that any franchise would relish for a long time (and to think they turned around and did it again against Vancouver - truly a special run). And then the disappointment of losing to the Avs after winning the first and, to date, only division championship. And, of course, last year going to Denver to win game 82 to submit to the beating by Chicago sneak into the playoffs.

The Wild has also played two series against Anaheim (0-2) so this series will put Colorado in the lead for most playoff series against the Wild. And they have a 1-1 record against Colorado in game sixes, with a rubber game coming tonight.

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