Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stuff and Stuff 4/24/14


*The home team is 13-1 so far in the Western conference quarterfinal series (where you at, LA?).

*Say this about MA Fleury: anything worth doing, is worth doing right. Ugly game last night, kid.

*League discipline issues: stop being surprised when they continue to be inconsistent or even downright hypocritical. This is how it is. Going nuts about it every time is just a waste of energy.

*That Jamie Benn goal last night was a thing of beauty. What a goal.

*The league needs Canada to have something break its way in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In unrelated news, the Habs swept the Bolts.

*Speaking of that, Ben Bishop definitely earned some team MVP votes simply by not playing in the playoffs.

*We've been discussing this over at but, is there such a thing as too much rest in the playoffs? I wonder if the Habs coaches are wishing they had less than ~10 days to keep their team sharp before they take on the Bruins (sorry, Red Wings fans)?

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